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November 22, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

The handbag is probably the most important accessory for a woman. No practical woman leaves the house without her favorite handbag. But, this item is more than just a way to carry our most important items around. It is also the detail that completes an outfit, the accessory that defines our style and personality, and the item that makes us feel feminine and special. It is said that every woman should invest in at least one high-quality handbag. It should be a handbag that truly reflects who you are and merges best with the majority of your outfits, so you can use your favorite handbag as often as possible. Of course, you are free to invest in as many brand handbags as you’d like, especially when you can find them at special prices.

• Handbags are split into various types, depending on their design and purpose
As you may know, a woman that respects herself has several handbags in her collection. Each of these handbags serves a specific purpose and it is meant to complete certain looks. So, while it is okay to like a certain type of handbag, it is worth discovering the other types because you could discover the missing link in your wardrobe.

• Crossbody handbags

This particular type of handbags is the most practical and comfortable. A crossbody handbag can become your best friend when you want to throw over a relaxed, but also romantic, outfit. Due to the fact that they feature a strap that is longer than usual or is adjustable, you can wear it across your body, instead of on one of your shoulders. Bottega Veneta has a series of cute crossbody handbags that are delicate, comfortable, and practical at the same time.

• Shoulder handbags

The shoulder handbag is the bag almost every woman has at home. These handbags come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can use them for romantic dates or a day at the office. It all depends on the interior space and features they provide. Pierre Cardin, for example, has a generous offer of shoulder bags that can fit almost any occasion. You just need to find the one that speaks the language of your style.

• Tote handbags

The tote handbag is another type of very popular and appreciated bag for ladies. The design of this bag has clean lines, so it can easily fit any attire. Also, the tote bag is usually quite generous when it comes to interior space and pockets. If you appreciate a large bag, then the tote is the right option for you. For a classic and elegant handbag, you should check out the totes from Prada. It is so easy to pull off a classy appearance with such a bag.

• Bowler handbags

This type of bag got its name from the design that mimics the old bowling bags, use for carrying bowling balls. Of course, this handbag is smaller and is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a compact handbag of a decent size. So, yes, the bowler handbag has a medium size and, in some cases, can be worn across the body, if the bag comes with a special strap. Michael Kors is a brand that can provide some of the most beautiful bowler handbags, so make sure you have a look.

• Satchel handbags

In case you’re looking for a handbag with plenty of space on the inside, you should take the satchel handbag into consideration. In comparison with the tote bag, the satchel handbag has a more rectangular shape, which means that you’ll have a bit more space. Thus, this handbag can be the perfect partner for days at the office, as it will enable you to bring along everything you want. And with a satchel handbag from Tod’s, you’ll definitely get all eyes on you, as this brand knows how to make elegant and practical handbags for women.

• Hobo handbags

The hobo handbag is the kind of handbag you need to have around when you want to have a laid-back and relaxed appearance. Usually, with a cylindrical shape, the entire design of this bag invites you to take a break from everything and simply enjoy your time. And with the V 1969 ITALIA hobo bags, you will be able to do exactly that, taking along your favorite belongings when going out for coffee, brunch with friends, or a walk with someone close to your heart.

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Jennifer D.

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